Tuesday, 26 April 2011

No News Is . . . No News!

Hi Everyone!

First of all huge apologies for the lack of activity here; I have committed the ultimate blog sin of promising and not delivering for which I humbly beg your forgiveness . . . things are a tad hectic and I have but a limited number of brain cells with which to operate :)

Hopefully, said things should settle down soon into a manageable sort of controlled chaos as writing commitments are (hopefully) met and, given enough of the filthy lucre, the promised and somewhat fabled website will emerge blinking into the bright light of a new dawn . . . or something like that anyway !

If any of you feel like submitting any of your creative offspring -  ie poems, stories, essays -  to display here and on the website, or if you have any comments that you wish to make privately, please feel free to do so . . . you can do this via the wonderful wizardry of Email if you so wish . . .

And for the moment that's about it; for a more up to date version of events it's always worth checking out the  Myrtle-House Facebook page or my Words From A Room blog which will list lots of reasons why the website isn't up and running yet!

Thanks once again for reading and waiting and let's hope it's all worth it . . . eventually!

Thanks for following - see you soon!

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