Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Walking the Long Road - courtesy of the Diurachs

Hi Everyone
Just a brief posting to let you know that the trip to the Writer's Retreat on Jura which will be my base for completing "The Maelstrom" is set to happen in around 6 weeks time,  with the completed story ready for publication in two shakes of a lambs - or in Jura's case, Deer's - tail afterwards!
View from the Lodge
I feel very honoured and privileged to have been chosen for this opportunity and I hope the finished story repays the trust and faith the lovely people at Jura obviously have in me . . .
In between bashing out the 7,500 words or so, I'm also going to try and keep a log of my time on Jura which I will post on here upon my return . . . that's if I decide to leave!
Thanks for following  - see you soon!


  1. Wow! Followed this comp in Writing magazine. Such a fantastic prize. Want to wish you the best of luck, Ian -may it be everything you've hoped for.

    I envy you the solitude.

  2. Many thanks mysterious Muse; I can't believe my good fortune at winning in the first place and the incredible nature of the prize - I am so very lucky.

    I hope the resulting story doesn't disappoint; keep and eye on here and the Myrtle House Facebook page for updates and someday even the new site !

    Thank you again


  3. Not so much mysterious, as oblivious, Ian.

    *Computers. Darn, new-fangled contraptions, Mutter* lol

    I’m sure your story won’t disappoint – you nervous? Or is that a stupid question. (Bear in mind, I’ve been reliably informed there’s no such thing as a stupid question.)

    A new site? Hmmm, do I detect a fledgling in the making?

    Will look out for it, if I can find my way back here/there...er...


    Mysterious Muse.

  4. Stupid questions? Well, " he who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who doesn't ask is a fool forever" as the old chestnut goes . . .

    Find your way back here and - if it all comes together - you will find your way to the Myrtle House site where along with my scribblings you should be able to read other peoples works too . . . good, innit!

    Thanks for commenting (and for being mysterious) - have you seen my other blog? "Words From A Room" can be found at http://ianmcl13.blogspot.com/

    You do seem familiar; maybe it's just because of the muse connection . . . hmmm!

    See you soon


  5. Ah, a Chinese Chestnut.

    Here’s another: Judge others by their questions rather than by their answers - Voltaire
    I have found my way back, although the path has been hard and treacherous, and I have viewed your other blog. You quoted Latin, so I ran away. (It has that effect on me. ;-))

    As for familiar... it is, as you say, just the muse connection. Is that enough?

    Mysteriously yours