Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Train of Thought Now Arriving . . .

Hello Everyone!

At times on this blog I feel somewhat like a British Rail announcer; I am constantly apologising for delays! It seems to be my rôle in life but it is one I am tiring of rapidly, I must admit!

The work is still being produced - I now have three short stories ready to go to epublication and three more in preparation - but, because of funding issues, delays seem inevitable. 
This is because of two things: a) it may cost considerably less to epublish than the traditional route but it still costs! and b) in order to fund such activities it is necessary (and desirable) to enter my work in competitions - this broadens my potential readership and also can bring in much needed spondulicks!  
However, as many of you aspiring authors out there will already know, one of the entry requirements of many of these competitions is that the work should not be currently entered into any other such event or be published elsewhere - and that, of course, includes epublishing!  It is very chicken-and-egg and quite frustrating but there we go ... 
So, in an effort to at least attempt to appease you all, I'm offering a quick review of what is in the offing - I feel a bit like Jim Bowen on "Bullseye" from many years ago with his eponymous "Let's see what you would have won . . ." !

Besides "The Maelstrom" which must you must, by now, be sick of hearing about, I have written a short story of which I'm rather proud; "Our Beloved Sister" ( see cover above right)  is the story of one person's afternoon and is based on the true life story of someone you will know quite well but it is, as usual, written with very much licence and, one hopes, inventiveness . . .

The next offering is based on a dream I had - as is much of my writing - and is therefore could be considered perhaps a little bizarre . . . I enjoyed writing this short piece so very much and have been advised that "A Field Guide to the Voles of England" ( see cover to left) is definitely worthy of entry into competition, the quest is to find the right one!
It is the story of one man's journey into the darkest recesses of his own life, his furtive experiences with women and the strange-but-true connection between golf and voles - I can see you're hooked already! 

The cover was inspired by a a range of books I have collected and possessed since I was very young - the sort of field guide to nature books that were produced in the years between the wars; this particular example is based on an earlier volume produced around 1910 I would say and it's interesting to read how to study animals it is necessary to hunt them down and shoot them - how times have changed!

As far as the other covers are concerned they are generally 'all my own work' and produced from my own photographs which are then manipulated in Photoshop . . . the joys of being a one man band - or egomaniac!

I hope that I can have the pleasure of announcing the latest prize winners to you shortly and the details of publication . . . in the meantime, I can only express my gratitude to you all for your continued support and wish you happy reading!

Thanks for following and see you soon !

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