Monday, 1 August 2011

We Are All Children Of Chance . . . *

Hello Everyone

And White Rabbits x 3 to you all - this being, of course, the first day of August which is patently obvious to anyone peering outside at the leaden grey skies and the pending precipitation . . .

So what has been happening at Myrtle House in your absence ? Sadly, not a great deal; as you may have read in another place (as they say in Parliament) publication of The Scottish Story  - as I am now deeming The Maelstrom in line with the theatrical tradition from which I spring - is still awaiting digital tweaking from the Elves of Jura before it appears on their website . . . in fact, it is five months today since I discovered I had been awarded the distinction of being a writer in residence in Jura; seems much longer somehow!

Other works in the offing (besides Our Beloved Sister which is currently in Chicago and Wells I believe! and A Field Guide to the Voles of England which is similarly globetrotting at my expense) include The Princess of Stargazey Halt which I am enjoying greatly and one which is as yet untitled but links my early life with that of an elderly relative and Maori royalty . . . intriguing!

In other news I am happy to reveal that Myrtle House has now gone Mac! Following a complete system overall we are now mac-based and wirelessly connected to everything and everyone ( when it works!) and have to say that writing is even more of a joy than it already was . . . wish I could say the same for you having to read the results but I am working on that!

And that is about it; apologies once again for the lack of action around here . . . maybe you could take the opportunity to relax in what's left of the summer and read a good book . . . I can recommend a few!

Thanks for following and See You Soon !

*"Remember to be gentle with yourself and others. We are all children of chance and none can say why some fields will blossom while others lay brown beneath the August sun." Kent Nerburn

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